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"Founding ​House of Paloma is a dream come true, born out of creative necessity, it is a familial odyssey steeped in affection, ingenuity, with an unwavering dedication to artistry and sustainability. Bestowed with the name of my mother's beloved business, House of Paloma brings dreams to life, drawing inspiration from the ageless grace of my French grandmother's bygone era.

Each creation carries a story of heritage and meticulous craftsmanship, eschewing transient trends we embrace a profound commitment to timeless design and sustainable practices. Our pieces, crafted from bespoke, natural fibers, emanate an air of distinction, marked by the delicate artistry of our signature broderie anglaise, sumptuous organic textures, and an unwavering devotion to detail.

Our collaboration with artisans around the globe has cultivated a community of talented creatives, ensuring that each handmade garment and accessory achieves the highest level of refinement. Venturing through familial ateliers in China, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Madagascar, we are committed to fair wages, optimal working conditions, sustainable practices, and minimising waste.

House of Paloma transcends its identity as a mere sartorial clothing brand, it is a genuine extension of oneself; a haven for ideas and an artistic sanctuary beckoning you to partake in a voyage towards a more contemplative, intentional way of life.”

With love, Aimée x"

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